About Us

At Tarot Card Readings, we believe that the tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery, transformation, and healing. That’s why we offer a wide range of tarot readings, tailored to your unique needs and situation. Whether you’re seeking a general overview of your life path, insights into a particular situation, or guidance on a specific question, our readers can help you tap into the wisdom and guidance of the cards.

Our readings are conducted either in person, via phone or video call, or through email, depending on your preference and location. We use a variety of tarot decks and spreads to ensure that each reading is personalized to your unique energy and situation. Our readers are experienced and compassionate professionals who are dedicated to helping you navigate life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence and clarity.

In addition to our tarot readings, we also offer a variety of resources to help you deepen your understanding of the tarot and enhance your personal practice. From tarot workshops and courses to online forums and discussion groups, we’re committed to creating a supportive community of tarot enthusiasts who share a passion for this ancient art.

David - Tarot Card Readings
About David

As a tarot card reader with over 10 years of experience, David is dedicated to helping others find clarity, guidance, and inspiration through the power of the cards. Combining his deep intuition with a thorough understanding of tarot symbolism and interpretation, David offers personalized readings that are insightful, compassionate, and empowering.

David first discovered the tarot in her early 20s, and was immediately drawn to the rich symbolism and ancient wisdom of the cards. Over the years, he has studied with some of the most respected tarot teachers and practitioners in the field, deepening his understanding of the cards and honing his skills as a reader.

Today, David works with clients from all walks of life, helping them to navigate a wide range of challenges and questions, from career and relationships to spirituality and personal growth. His approach is grounded in the belief that the tarot can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation, and that everyone has the ability to tap into its wisdom and insights.

Whether you’re a seasoned tarot enthusiast or new to the world of divination, David welcomes you to explore the magic of the cards and discover the guidance and inspiration they have to offer.